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Well hi there! I'm Axl, an S-class Maverick Hunter and unit leader in training- of course, you probably knew that already seeing as how I'm so awesome, right? Stop and say hi if you've got a minute, I'm always happy to chat!

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((Indie ask/RP blog for post-Command Mission Axl.))
"Forte, just focus on my voice."






"Mmmmf," Forte groused, squinting. "Which ——— which one’a you…? ‘s th’ee…." He meant that he saw three Axls looking at him, and he wasn’t sure which one he should listen to. Maybe…. maybe he and Gospel weren’t ready for this new magi-tech based flight mode yet, after all…

"I know, I know. Asimov, why are Wilybots so damn stubborn." Axl shook his head gently, smiling as he helped ease the SWN to his feet and laced an arm behind his shoulders to support him. "Slowly, there you go. You good? I’m just gonna run a teleport; it’ll be a hell of a lot easier than the long walk to HQ."

“‘S th’ only way w’ s’vive,” Forte slurred, tipping back and forth and groaning as he was hauled to his feet. “Sure,” he ground out once he was relatively vertical, grasping at Axl to keep from passing out. “Faster’s… better. Then I gotta - gotta take care a’ Gos….”

"Depends on the level of stubborn," Axl said, pausing a moment to ensure that the other wouldn’t collapse. "Hang on, alright?" He sent a quick relay to HQ at the same time as he called up a teleportation signal, getting his visitor the proper clearances and teleporting directly to his bedroom to save them the walk. "You good?" he asked, ignoring the cat that darted forward and plastered itself to his ankles.

"Mm," Forte muttered, and once the teleport went through he sagged to one side, optics dazed and definitely not all-there. "Ugh- don’t think tha’…. t’lepor’ went… went ov’r too well…" He didn’t even appear to notice the cat, at least not consciously. It was probably a good thing he was fused with Gospel right now, or the support unit might have decided to chase said cat.

"Eeeeasy there," Axl said, helping the SWN over to the bed and easing him into a sitting position. "Close your eyes if you’re feeling dizzy; it’ll pass. Just take it easy."
He pushed the cat away with his foot, reaching over and shuffling the pillows around so that Forte would have something comfortable to lean against while still staying upright. “Go ahead and get yourself comfortable, okay?”

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((It’d kinda be cheating to pick First Form Slayer since it’s uh X7’s soundtrack, but Bynn the Breaker from the Bastion soundtrack puts me in mind of some of his more intense stealth work.))

Battle memes 16

16. A song I associate with my muse while fighting.

((For younger Axl, the little Red Alert merc that he was, ‘You’re Gonna Go Far Kid’ fits him pretty damn well. Little shitstain child.))

(4 Names) X, Zero, Xavier, Lucia

"Aw come on…that’s just unfair. Okay…well, I think I’d go with marrying Zero and covering X’s face in kisses, and then at the second ceremony I’d marry X and cover Zero’s face in kisses. So bleh. Lucia basically always needs cuddles ‘cause she’s fricking adorable, and she’s kinda got a special place with me ‘cause we’re both prototypes. Annndddd…I’d push Xavier away as in pushing him out of a sim room when I’m running S ranks ‘cause there isn’t any way I’m letting him get hurt running a sim. So there.”

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(Four Names) Forte, Skarlette, Hana, Caprice

"Pffff….well alright then. I’d cuddle Hana, that’s easy enough; she likes cuddles. ‘Fraid I don’t really know Skarlette too well, so she’ll have to make due with a forehead kiss. And well. Forte’s one of my best friends, I could handle being stuck with him for the rest of my life. And he looks adorkable in a tux. Uh…sorry, Caprice. I don’t think I’ve met Caprice, have I met Caprice?”

Four names. Marry, kiss, cuddle and push away.

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Hey, could you, uh. Tell m' alt 'hi' for me? An' good luck? 'n. Anythin' else like that?

"Mm?" Axl paused the video file of one of the simulations, smiling softly when he recognized the data signature. "Sure thing, kid; I’ll leave the message for him when he gets back. He’ll be happy for it, I’m sure. He’s gonna be nervous as hell come tomorrow morning. Heh, and thanks."

"It’s quiet around HQ tonight….I’ll be in my room going over sim data if you need me for anything. With three recruits taking their exams all at once, that makes for a lot of sims.

"…I’m really proud of them."




"Huh what what’d I do this time-

"…Oh. Right. That."

"Yes, that. Two hours; you know where to meet us."