8. Our muses wind up switching bodies for a day.

Hana blinked, as she suddenly found herself looking at a mirror of herself - except it wasn’t a mirror. Upon feeling her face in horror, she looked at Axl.

"… I hope you don’t have a mission today." Or training.

"Uhhh…huh." Axl looked down at himself- herself?- blinking rapidly and running his- her?- hands down along his- her? What the hell- waist. "Welp. Been through weirder greyface curses. Least this one’ pretty harmless?"

(free pass) "What was the oddest sensation you've ever felt and when did it happen?"



"Okay, so this one time-"

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"…You do so have a thing for licking blue jelly, don’t you."

"Yes. Yes I do. What can I say, I like blueberries. Not that any of the blue gel I’ve tried to lick usually tastes like blueberries.”

(free pass) "What was the oddest sensation you've ever felt and when did it happen?"

"Okay, so this one time-"

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What would you do if you found yourself completely alone?

"I…completely alone? You mean…no one else around at all, no friends or family or strangers or…?

"I-I don’t know. I guess…I’d look for someone for as long as I could keep my sanity. It’s…it scares me, honestly, being alone. I hate it. I’m not…strong enough to be alone. If…if I couldn’t find anyone, I…" He trembled faintly, shaking his head. "I-I don’t know what I’d…"

Your character has got one free pass to ask my character anything, and they must answer truthfully, and afterwards my character will forget the conversation. How does your character use it?




"Oh yeah, Easter’s tomorrow! Hmm, I wonder if I can get permission to hide a few eggs around HQ for the kids…"

(100 word drabble) Axl and Xav, Candyland AU

“Hiya, kid!” the woodcutter called cheerily, waving at the young boy.  “Where ya goin’?”

“Oh, hi there!”  Xavier smiled, looking relieved to see a friendly face.  “I’m trying to get to the castle.  I lost my way …”

“Yeah, people tend to get lost in the Candy Cane forest,” the woodcutter laughed.  “They always say all the trees look the same.  I dunno what they’re talking about.”  He pointed eastwards.  “Head that way, I’ve marked the path!  And watch out for the Licorice King!”  He knew the king a little too personally if the scar between his eyes was any indication.”

(100 word drabble) Axl, Bonnie, Clyde, human AU.

“You’re gonna be our dad?”

“That’s right, Clyde.”  Axl smiled down at the two little redheads who were gazing up at him wide-eyed.  “That’s what these papers are for.”

“So we’re gonna be able to stay with you?” the little girl asked hopefully.

“Yup!”  Axl flipped to the next page, making sure that he was reading each statement carefully before signing.  “I’m gonna take real good care of you guys from now on.  Promise I am- oof!”

He grunted in surprise when both little ones tackled him, smiling and wrapping his arms around them, green eyes warm with affection.

(100 word drabble) Xav and Axl, Ballpit AU

“Hey, don’tcha know the ballpits are for the kids?”

“Ah … sorry!”  Xavier turned, offering the employee a sheepish smile.  The play area was so quiet that he’d been unable to resist the temptation to turn and make a leap into one of the ballpits.

The employee crossed his arms and brushed his auburn bangs out of his eyes, trying to look stern and ending up with a broad grin instead.  “Well,” he said.  “There’s only one possible thing I can do with you now.”

Without waiting for Xavier to answer, he darted forward and dove into the ballpit head first.