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Well hi there! I'm Axl, an S-class Maverick Hunter and unit leader in training- of course, you probably knew that already seeing as how I'm so awesome, right? Stop and say hi if you've got a minute, I'm always happy to chat!

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((Indie ask/RP blog for post-Command Mission Axl.))
"You’d look weird bald."

"Yes. Yes I would. I’m not me without my hair spikes. People tell me I look weird when my hair’s down, much less if I was bald.”

  Anonymous said:
§ how would their hair gray? or would they lose their hair first?

He laughs. “If Reploids could get grey hair, I’m sure I’d be growing a few by now. Between my kids, Forte, and all the shit Hunters go through. I hope my hair doesn’t fall out, it’s too fabulously spiky to lose.”

  Anonymous said:
⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do, ✜ what’s their posture like in a normal situation, ✭ what is one of their favorite items?

⌆: “I tend to scratch my nose when I’m thinking really hard. Dunno why. Funnily enough, my handler’s picked up that tic from me.”

((Shut up Axl.))

"If I’m really nervous and I’m sitting, I bounce my leg up and down. Restlessness, really."

✜: “Pretty loose, usually. I tend to be more relaxed than tensed up, unless the situation is serious. I kinda fold my hands behind my head a lot, and my weight’s usually to one side or the other.”

✭: “My pistols, of course~!”

  Anonymous said:
❤ describe how they show affection.

"I show affection in many ways. Most of them physical. I’m a very, ah…tactile person. So I like hugs and shoulder touches and hair ruffles a lot. And I like doing cute silly things for people, little things like a surprise snack or an unexpected hug or something like that."

  sealedmiracle said:

❞ write a quote they would find themselves saying

“What the FUCK was that?! Was that supposed to happen?!”
Headcanon Meme Time!


⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

⏀ describe their usual smile

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

❧ describe their usual sleeping position

✑ describe something they like without naming it

✜ what’s their posture like in a normal situation?

❖ describe their hands

❞ write a quote they would find themselves saying

§ how would their hair gray? or would they lose their hair first?

❤ describe how they show affection.

✭ what is one of their favorite items?

  Anonymous said:
I guess out of all the members of Red Alert, Tornado Tonion was probably the bravest. True, he was a goof and sometimes annoying, but he knew what was happening to Red Alert. Despite the risk of what Sigma would do to him if he spoke up, he took that risk anyways, even if it did cost him his life. Still, it baffles me why he would only tell X about it. Then again, thinking more deeply about the situation would probably give me a headache.

"I think…" Axl pauses, a hint of wistfulness in his eyes. "I think I can understand why. Because…well, Zero’s Zero, for one. He’s intimidating without meaning to be sometimes. And I know he trusted me, but- especially at that time- I was still very much a kid. He probably…didn’t know how I’d react, and he didn’t want me to jump to conclusions. But…"

He sighs. “X has this…openness about him. He’s always been very…approachable, I think is a good word. It’s easy to talk to him about stuff. And…and I think Tonion could sense that. Even through how scared he was.”


"Wait what TMI- oh. You mean the dick thing? Ahah…prototype. Let’s leave it at that."

  Anonymous said:
I'm surprised that Soldier Stonekong never told you, X, or Zero about the professor/Sigma. Then again, I never expected Tornado Tonion to mention him to X and asking to be stopped. How come Stonekong and Snipe Anteater were never wise enough or brave enough ask the same thing?

"Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not surprised Gungaroo and Splash didn’t say anything, ‘cause we never really got along. Snipe didn’t like me all that much either. But…in all honesty, they were probably scared of what Sigma would do to them if they spoke up. Tonion was kind of a goof, but he was braver than a lot of us gave him credit for. I miss him a lot; we were pretty close."

"Okay I’m somewhere between concerned and amused that people are so intrigued by my sex life, but seriously? Porn blogs? I don’t even have a dick for you horndogs to admire! Shoo!”