Mavericks don't stand a chance!
Well hi there! I'm Axl, an S-class Maverick Hunter and unit leader in training- of course, you probably knew that already seeing as how I'm so awesome, right? Stop and say hi if you've got a minute, I'm always happy to chat!

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((Indie ask/RP blog for post-Command Mission Axl.))

((@triangle anon- got the other ask about Axl’s first time; had to go to work. I’ll answer it at my break since it’s gonna take a little time.))

  Anonymous said:
△ Does Red smoke?

"Nah, he didn’t. Some of the members of other mercenary groups we worked with now and again did though. One out of ten."

doctorlightnumber-x replied to your post: anonymous said:△ why do you have …

"There is something wrong with this child. I demand a refund."

"No returns refunds or exchanges, I’m too perfect for that~"


"Pffffahahaha kid chill, it’s no big deal! I didn’t even go into detail! Unless you want me to, but I’m assuming by the ‘ew’ that you don’t!”

  Anonymous said:
△ what was your first time having sex like?

"Oh god…" Axl laughs softly. "Two out of ten for the question rating. And for your answer, it was…a lot of things. Terrifying, exciting…hell. Zero was drunk off his ass, for one. And I was just about scared out of my mind; I didn’t know what to expect at all. But even drunk, Zero was so…gentle. He knew how nervous I was, and he never forced anything at me. He was so sweet and loving and it…it made for a really…unforgettable night. I’m glad I trusted him."

  Anonymous said:
△ why do you have a better butt, hips and thighs than the navigators? lol

"Obviously because I’m sexier than all of them put together. Duh~ One out of ten."

  Anonymous said:
△ Waht is the most embarrassing thing you ever done in front of everyone?

"Ahah…two out of ten, because this is honestly pretty funny looking back on it. Waaaay back when I was a rook, me and some other recruits were hanging around the training yard waiting for X to get there and start our drills, right? And there was a pull-up bar on the far wall, pretty high up ‘cause it was put there to test our wall-climbing skills along with doing y’know pull-ups.

"Soooooo me being the idiot show-offy kid that I was, I go ‘hey lookit what I can do!’ and I scaled the wall up and tried to hang upside down by my foot. And I’d almost gotten myself balanced when apparently X walked in somewhere out of my line of sight, because next thing I hear is this really loud ‘AXL!’

"Aaaaaand I lost my balance and fell straight down and landed flat on my face. And everyone laughed. Except X. So guess who got to run laps for the entire training session."

  Anonymous said:
△ did you hurt or kill any fellow hunters while being under Lumine's control? did X and Zero have to fight you?

"Thankfully, no one was…ever killed, at least not to my knowledge. Zero and X were the only ones who knew. And I did…injure Zero at some point, yes. It wasn’t much of a fight since he was chained up, but…we both got lucky. And I got control back before things got worse."

He sighs. “Six out of ten.”

  Anonymous said:
△ what do you think are your best physical features?

"Why, my stunning face of course. And my hair. You can’t fake something this uniquely gorgeous~"

  Anonymous said:
△ Have you ever cross-dressed before? whether you did or not what do you think about it?

"Well, sort of. Like I’ve said before, I’m pretty well-versed in infiltration missions, so I’ve A-trans’d into a fembot plenty of times. I guess that kinda counts as crossdressing? It doesn’t phase me, honestly; they’re just clothes. Someone wants to wear a dress it’s none of my business. ‘Sides, how many people do you know who can sprint for a doorway in six inch stilettos and not trip? One out of ten."